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Welcome to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court (TEST database) for the Eastern District of Oklahoma (Test-db)

Eastern District of Oklahoma (Test-db) - Document Filing System

TEST database for USBC-OKE

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 09/27/2017  Notice: The court's CM/ECF and PACER TEST databases are for authorized users only.
If you are trying to login with a PACER account and not seeing any links or menu items you may not be authorized or
or you may need to contact the court's support and helpdesk staff to have the court add your PACER Login to the Test database.
to contact the Courts helpdesk send an email to helpdesk@okeb.uscourts.gov or call 918-549-7200.
Bankruptcy Rules & Forms  11/30/2010  Amendments to Rules, Changes to Forms
For more information : National Bankruptcy Forms
For more information : Pending Rules and Changes
Local Notice:
Phone Numbers
 11/18/2009  Notice: New phone system installed in 2009. New phone numbers include:
Bankruptcy Clerks Office (918)549-7200 & Bankruptcy Judges Chambers (918) 549-7205
For more info please see our web site Court directory of new numbers for USBC-OKEB

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